Craig Hamilton Architects

This architectural firm is known for their outstanding, high-end, progressive classical and traditional work

This stylish and elegant site compliments the exemplary work of the London and Wales based architectural firm.

The firm is a multi-award winning company with notable clients including HRH The Prince of Wales. We were honoured to have been selected to design this site and work with the firm over the duration of the project. It was essential that we were sympathetic to the nature of the architectural design in our approach to this task. With subtle, understated design, we supported this imagery allowing the work itself to do the talking.

Many thanks to all for your hard work on the website.
We are very pleased with what you have done for us.

Craig Hamilton
Craig Hamilton Architects


As well as stunning mansions, country houses and lodges, Craig Hamilton and his team are known for the design of chapels and mausoleums as well as the design of new Classical buildings in urban contexts.

They employ exemplary sculpture work and often collaborate with the famous neoclassical sculptor Alexander Stoddart.

Stunning Imagery

It was a delight working with such stunning imagery, and as is often the case with Heritage sector work, the challenge was presenting the subject matter in a contemporary format.