Herefordshire Life Through a Lens

A three-year film, exhibition and oral history project about the social history of Herefordshire

Herefordshire Life Through A Lens: Exploring Herefordshire’s heritage from the 1950's-1980's

‘Herefordshire Life Through A Lens’ is a Heritage Lottery Funded partnership with Herefordshire Council’s Libraries, Archive and Learning and Achievement Services. Our client, Catcher Media, commissioned us to design this website to showcase their three-year photographic exhibition of historical archive material. The imagery is a rich and diverse look back into the past.

We are really pleased with site and it feels like it’s all working well!

Julia Goldsmith
Herefordshire Life Through a Lens


Herefordshire Life Through a Lens features images, text and video documenting a wide range of events based on social history, politics, culture, farming and rural life amongst others.

This totally bespoke site was built around the media it represents, including the creation of a custom media explorer on the home page, content split across themes, galleries, blogs and custom pages.

Exploring Heritage

This was a vast project in terms of scope - so many different kinds of media had to be presented - differnt kinds of photography, video, audio and text, whilst keeping true to the message of the project - the exploration of Herefordshire’s heritage from the 1950s to the 1980s, largely through the photographic archive of The Derek Evans Studio.