Splitlath Building Conservation

The art of restoring historic structures to their former glory

This 150 year old building conservation company has a clear mission - to preserve our heritage.

Founded in 1867, Splitlath is probably the oldest builders firm in Great Britain. The family run company is known for its conservation work and is responsible for maintaining and preserving some of the world’s most important properties. They skilfully wield the art of restoring historic structures to their former glory with the least amount of destruction of historic fabric possible.

We are all really happy with our new website, thank you for all your hard work.

Nathan Dimbylow
Director, Splitlath Building Conservation


Splitlath have a fantastic portfolio of properties they have worked on including numerous churches, chapels and historic houses such as Nash House - The home of William Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon. In each case, Splitlath respect the subject, they add to it with subtlety, letting the original history shine through and do the talking. We have the exact same approach when working with heritage organisations - we act as a sensitive, but powerful catalyst to their message, utilising their own words and imagery to best enable their work to shine.

Private Companies within the Heritage Sector

Splitlath is a great example of how we can help a commercial company within the heritage sector. A private company has a different outlook to public or government organisations and our many years experience within the web design industry servicing private companies means we have a solid understanding of these needs.