The Museum of Cider

Preserving the history of cider making worldwide

The Cider Museum is the only Arts Council Accredited Museum dedicated to the history of cider.

This remarkable museum was founded in the 1970s in order to preserve the story of cider making. A perfect example of a highly specialised organisation, it was an honour to work on this project with Museum Director Elizabeth Pimblett and her team. Together we created an attractive, easy to use website aimed at the museum's visitor demographics. We also provided photography as well as branding guidelines so that the museum can continue to keep all promotional material aligned with the new branding styles we have introduced.

When I came into post at the Cider Museum in 2016 I inherited a website which, although great when it was first constructed, had ceased to function properly over time. In addition, I wanted to get away from dark colours and for visitors to have a first impression of brightness and positivity. One of the problems with being a social and industrial history museum is that many of our objects in photos can simply look brown, like the iconic dark wood and stone cider press.

It was time for a rebuild, but also we were looking at the visitor experience at the museum as a whole. We had decided that we needed to improve signage, and to develop a house style. We wanted to keep all that was excellent about the museum, but freshen it up. In Heritage Creative we found a company which could do all those things for us, and not only that but cheerfully and incredibly helpfully. They definitely have a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Harry and Richard listened to what I wanted and liked stylistically, then took that information and came up with a website which immediately and creatively fulfilled those aims. We were low on print-quality photographs, partly due to the nature of the site which includes champagne cider cellars, so they took and supplied us with a range of well-lit images for use on the website and in publicity material. They also took our old logo and redesigned it, producing style guidelines for future publications.

Throughout this process they showed an ability to understand - and gently guide- the client, and a respect for, and understanding of the needs of a heritage establishment. I felt that they appreciated what we were aiming for and knew that we were in good hands. The quality of support with launching the website and moving servers has been excellent, showing that whilst they are a young company they are drawing on many years of previous experience.

Elizabeth Pimblett
Museum Director, Museum of Cider, Hereford


This is a diverse museum encompassing the collection, events and exhibitions, educational tours, a gift shop and tea room, competitions and more. One challenge was getting all of this information across in a way that wouldn’t overload the user base who are equally diverse.

Having lots of interesting content always helps and we are all really proud of the work we have done together with this museum.

Museum Rebranding

The museum was formerly called Hereford Cider Museum, but it was realised that given the international significance that the name should be changed to The Cider Museum, Hereford. We took this opportunity to refresh the entire brand and created a new newsite, logo, photography and a complete branding guidelines document that they can use to help with any future promotional material or exhibitions.