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Published on 11/05/2018

We are delighted to announce the launch our new site for Heritage Creative, and even more so, the launch of this new company. We have been designing websites for almost 20 years for a broad range of clients, many commercial, but a growing number of heritage sector clients. We did this through our other company, Voodoochilli, a full service design agency.

In contrast Heritage Creative is solely committed to heritage sector work. This includes websites for museums, libraries, churches and historic buildings, conservation companies, the arts and basically anything that helps preserve the wonderful heritage of this country.

We absolutely love this kind of work which we hope shows through our portfolio. I still have quite a lot of portfolio pieces to add to the case studies section, and even at this busy time of launching we are currently working on numerous heritage focused websites. For example, we are just finishing up Medievil Gallery, Britain’s only gallery of fine art inspired by the Middle Ages, Herefordshire Life Through a Lens, a three-year film, exhibition and oral history project about the social history of Herefordshire as well as Matthew Ryan, a world-class historical illustrator who has appeared on Time Team. All exciting stuff!

One great thing about specialising in this way is it allows you to develop a very focused field of knowledge and we are loving learning all about the specific nuances of the heritage sector.  It’s early days for Heritage Creative, but we have been developing our skills for nearly 20 years now and are very excited about what the future holds.

Harry O'Connor

Director of Heritage Creative, Harry has been in the web design industry for nearly 20 years.