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Published on 02/04/2018

One of the most exciting prospects for us at Heritage Creative is the idea of designing websites for museums. Although museums make up a large part of the heritage sector, it is not something we have been fortunate enough to have worked on, yet. I emphasise the yet part here because this is certainly something we plan to do and I am already devising a strategy to reach out with and create a dialogue with museums across the UK. I can’t talk too much about the plan just yet as it is still in development but it will form part of an offline marketing plan we are working on. I strongly believe this sector needs to be treated differently than the private sector and finding the right approach is absolutely essential to success.

Although we haven't work on any museum web design projects in the past, we have developed numerous historical archives such the Kempley Tardis Heritage Archive. Although quite an old site in itself, the project was rather seminal in its approach to archiving historical media and data on the web.

The BBC did a very interesting radio show about the website, well worth a listen.

Listen to part 1, part 2 and part 3.

UPDATE: We are now developing a new website for the Museum of Cider, Hereford. In addition we are assiting with photography as well as branding guildlines.

The Kempley Tardis website was so successful that the founders and volunteers of the project were able to easily secure another round of funding from The Lottery Heritage Fund in order to run a new project called The Moment Centenary Project, documenting the “moment” that World War 1 commenced.

We are also finishing development of Medieval Gallery - Britain’s only gallery of fine art inspired by the Middle Ages. We cannot wait for this to go live, and as soon as it does I will add it to our portfolio here.

Harry O'Connor

Director of Heritage Creative, Harry has been in the web design industry for nearly 20 years.