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Published on 28/05/2018

We recently went to the Museums & Heritage Show 2018 in London, but honestly, we have just been so busy these last couple of weeks that I simply have not had a moment to write about it. In short, it was fantastic.

We met loads of interesting people in the Heritage sector - everything from producers of old fashioned toys (wooden swords, bows and arrows, and even a crossbow), to developers of interactive museum exhibits, to branding teams and translators - it was a lot to take in but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

There were only a few companies that do any kind of web design, and they seemed mostly focused on the technical aspects relating to museum tours and archiving data rather than design. Given that, I think our offering is rather unique!

There were some great talks too, however we were so busy rushing about trying to meet as many people as possible we only managed a fleeting listen. As I say we had some very interesting conversations all round and I can’t wait to get back there next year, perhaps with a stand of our own.

Harry O'Connor

Director of Heritage Creative, Harry has been in the web design industry for nearly 20 years.