• Harry
    Managing Director

    Harry has nearly 2 decades experience in the web design industry with a background in design and a Bachelor's degree in Illustration. This is perfectly combined with his technical knowledge of programming, something he started when he was just 7 years old. He has a love of technology and science as well as history, in particular prehistory, the dawn of early culture and the evolution of animal and plant life.

  • Richard

    Richard is a highly skilled web and graphic designer with 20 years experience in the design industry and a solid understanding of many of the technical aspects of web development. Richard has a love of history and nature and one of his hobbies is hand crafting wooden items such as bowls and spoons. He is also a keen photographer and in particular loves old photography depicting rural life.

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel is a fiercely talented designer/developer, although far too humble to say it himself. He loves working with latest design concepts and styles and employing cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of what can be done on the web. In his spare time he enjoys travel, cooking, playing the drums and drone photography.

  • Becky
    Marketing & Promotion

    Becky supports us with marketing and promotion and has many years experience in design and a Bachelor's degree in Illustration. She has broad interests in the arts, science and culture. In her spare time she paints and is currently Illustrating a children's book in collaboration with an author.

  • Fiona

    Fiona has a wealth of business development and online marketing experience with FTSE100 and global eCommerce companies. She has led campaigns and developed online strategies to deliver tangible ROI in extremely competitive markets. Fiona also has a vast amount of experience in content marketing.

  • Henry

    Henry is a copywriter, content provider & journalist. His skills include web content, SEO, editing, social media management, blogging, PR and ad copy. He has a great deal of experience in music journalism and has worked for clients such as Roland, Yamaha, Odeon and Virgin to name but a few.